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About project

About client

Kiddy is a Polish brand with over 50 years of experience. Kiddy is a company that produces car seats and, in cooperation with the automotive industry and independent international institutions, conducts thorough research and analyzes of safety systems and qualitative analyses.

Winners of many international awards and safety certificates. Their products are made with the utmost attention to detail and the comfort and safety of the child.


  • Car seats

  • Premium products

  • German technology

  • 50 years of experience

  • Modernity and safety

My responsibilities

My task in this project was to refresh the website in accordance with the latest trends, make it modern and attractive, as well to create e-commerce functionalities so that in the near future the website could be transformed from information to sales without the need for reconstruction. In the project I was not only a UX/UI but also an implementation tester. I was also responsible for proposing animation designs.

The ability to change colors at the listing level has been added so that the customer can see them even at this page.



Creating a modern, attractive design focused around car seats, emphasizing the high German quality of products and the modernity of the automotive industry.

Designing a fully responsive UI, regardless of the screen width.

Testing the implementation of an external software house

Creation of the website both in Polish and in German. The difficulty resulted from the large variation in the length of words, words, paragraphs in both languages.

Implementation phase

When designing the website, we planned many animations and parallax to create a smooth, pleasant to scroll website.

Professional photographs and films with safety systems were mainly used and we put them to the front.