Piotr Brzezinski

UI / UX Designer

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About me

Hello, my name is Piotr Brzezinski. I am a UX/UI Designer from Poland. I have been working at GPD Agency & Film studio, for 4 years, currently as a UX/UI Designer, previously as a Senior Graphic Designer. On a daily basis, I work for brands such as: Lidl (international projects), Enea, Kinderkraft, John Dog, One Day More, PKP and many others.

As a freelancer I worked on the UX / UI of websites from the cryptocurrency, e-commerce, CSR, RCP industries. I am also constantly expanding my knowledge in the front-end area and coding simple websites.

I can work independently, but I also like to work in a team. I am a team player, I can make decisions and I am not afraid of responsibility. I'm not scared of deadlines for yesterday.


Software skills


Advanced ability to use the program: efficient creation of autolayouts and components, styles; experience in creating logical naming of layers and components; great care for the transparency of projects.


I'm confident in coding in HTML and CSS programming language. My portfolio includes several self-written websites and few WordPress templates.


Advanced knowledge of the program, the ability to create complex photo manipulations, knowledge of the secrets of retouching, the ability to design key visuals, posters, banners.


Efficient use of the program and a lot of experience in designing branding elements: logotypes, icons, infographics, patterns.


Basic knowledge of Jira supported by 4 years of working experience in this system.


Ability to create automation, personalized mailings, popups, sections with recommended products.


I'm confident in:

UX Design

I can create lo-fi mock-ups, I do internal workshops, I conduct website audits. I skilfully analyze data and business requirements as well as documentation. I create personas, user stories, propose hypotheses for A/B tests, recommend changes to improve the effectiveness of sales activities.

  • quantitative research

  • UX audit

  • wireframe

  • user flow

  • conducting A/B tests

  • UX research

UI Design

I am proficient in Figma and Adobe XD. I create design systems using Atomic Design and check developers' implementations. I analyze data and business requirements as well as documentation. Many years of experience as a graphic designer makes my UI not only functional, but also modern and at a high aesthetic level.

  • Figma / Adobe XD

  • UX audits

  • Atomic Design

  • design systems

  • developer handoff

  • prototyping

Web Development

This and a few other pages I coded myself. I can code simple Wordpress templates.

I know HTML, CSS/SASS and the basics of JS. I care about the quality and semantics of the code. I know the BEM methodology, I know how to use bootstrap. Skills in the area of web development increase the effectiveness of my work as a UX/UI, because I clearly present my needs to developers, I can properly prepare project for hand-off, I am able to check the developers implementations.


  • JS basics

  • BEM methodology

  • Bootstrap

  • Wordpress

  • Github basics


I love creating branding, especially logos, icons and key visuals. I designed branding elements for e.g. for Lidl, Anna Lewandowska, Kindekraft, John Dog and many other brands.

  • Photoshop / Illustrator

  • branding

  • logotype

  • icons

  • key visual



GPD Agency

& Film Studio

Since 11.2018 till now

Senior Graphic Designer

From 11.2018 to 02.2022

At GPD Agency, I designed creative solutions for many different clients, such as: Lidl (international), Kinderkraft, Kiddy, Anna Lewandowska, PKP, John dog, OneDayMore, Diamant, Cityfit, Neonail and many more As an art director, I supervised many image, beautyshot, food and packshot photo sessions.

I also designed branding elements, logos, icons, key visuals. I retouched and added mood to photos. As a senior, I took care of the onboarding of new people.

UX / UI Designer

From 02.2022 till now

As a UX/UI Designer, I mainly create solutions for e-commerce projects. I design lo-fi and hi-fi designs. I designed shop interfaces for: Kiddy, Kinderkraft, OneDayMore, OneDayMore Roslinne. I make website audits and user behavior analysis. Currently, I am also expanding my knowledge of marketing automation. I am checking the quality of implementation of new solutions using DevTools and Polypane. I code mailings, popups, small elements on websites.


From 2016 till now

Graphic Designer & UX / UI Designer

As a freelancer, I designed websites for various companies from industries such as: e-commerce, charity, medicine, working time tool, body leasing, booking etc. I created my own clothing brand - Trap Armor.

Pitbull West Coast

From 05.2018 to 08.2018

Sport Apparel designer

At P.B.W.C I designed sportswear, accessories, additions and paper elements.

BCM Nowatex

Working from 03.2016 to 06.2020

Sport Apparel designer

From 03.2016 to 06.2020

At BCM Nowatex, I was responsible for designing sportswear for an e-commerce store and for individual clients. I also created content for social media and for a website.


Selected projects

E-commerce case study

Kinderkraft is a brand specializing in production articles for children, including furniture, toys, accessories and strollers. The company strives to offer the highest quality products that meet your needs parents and children. Kinderkraft mainly pays attention to safety and comfort of your products.

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Kiddy - a company with over 50 years of experience on the car seats market. This German company produces durable, ergonomic and comfortable seats that win awards in Stiftung Warentest tests.
#UX/UI Design #audyt #branding #website

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Since 1992, Bucovers has been producing pool roofing and sliding terrace structures. Thousands of installations across Europe completed successfully. They offer a comprehensive service, from consulting and measurement through production to assembly.
#UX/UI Design #HTML/CSS #Wordpress #Development


Veercy is a start-up aimed at creating a system for recruiting new employees for IT companies. To minimize the number of people needed when recruiting and settling employees for their work, the system settles invoices in an automated manner and records their time work.
#UX/UI Design #Branding